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Adult Tennis

Adult Tennis Programme


Individual Private Lessons

These lessons are for the more committed tennis player who wants to improve quickly. The one-to-one lesson focuses on the individual’s specific problem areas. This is mostly geared towards refining stroke mechanics and tactics related to the technique. The focus is on singles and lasts for 55 minutes.

Small Group Private Lessons

This is geared towards friends or family members who wish to have a lesson together. The lesson will focus on the group’s needs. It is mostly technical and tactical related and can be for singles or doubles matchplay. One lesson is 55 minutes.

Group Lessons

These lessons are aimed at different abilities starting at the total beginner progressing to the intermediate player who can serve and play tennis points consistently. Lessons are from 55 minutes to 85 minutes depending on the abiltity of the player.

Fit Drills

These sessions are based on fun cardio tennis related basket drills that will energise you through to your core. The session will last 55 to 85 minutes depending on your fitness level. It is open to all levels of ability. If you are fed up with a treadmill or exercise bike, try this fun way to exercise. We have games to thrill and instil consistency.

Doubles Clinics

These sessions focus on doubles tactics and teamwork. You will be working on job descriptions for your four roles. Whether you are a server, returner, server’s partner or returner’s partner you need to know your job! The lessons will work on percentage doubles patterns of play which will improve your decision making dramatically. The sessions are for intermediate up to advanced players and last for 85 minutes.

Ladies Coffee Morning

This session is aimed at the social player, who, whilst wanting to improve their tennis likes to socialise and enjoy a cup of coffee. The sessions are geared towards doubles and teamworking. You will enjoy lots of fun games and tactical matchplay. Players have to be able to serve from the baseline and play points. The lessons last between 85 and 115 minutes.