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Terms & Conditions

British Tennis Academy (BTA) at RS Sportcentrum, Suttnerové 841/2 160 00, Praha 6, offers Individual Tennis Lessons, Private Shared Tennis Lessons, Private Group Tennis Lessons and organized BTA Group Tennis Lessons for tennis players of all performance levels and ages. High quality professional tennis coaching is provided in English.

General Rules

A BTA tennis lesson usually lasts 55 minutes plus 5 minutes for organizing the court for the next session. An assessment session of a new tennis player lasts for 25 minutes to 55 minutes depending on the playing standard.
When organizing customers’ bookings on tennis lessons for the new term, the BTA policy is based on the “first come – first served” rule. All the tennis lessons depend on availability as places are limited. If the capacity of a schedule is fulfilled, the remaining customers are put on the Waiting List, if they are interested in the BTA programme for the future.
BTA runs the Autumn Term (September-December), the Spring Term (January-mid April) and the Summer Term (mid April-June). Prior to any new term, current customers and the customers from the Waiting List receive an e-mail with all the new term details. All tennis players are kindly asked to reserve their lessons as soon as possible, and to pay their tuition fee latest by the first lesson of the new term. If the fee remains to be unpaid by the second class of the new semester, the British Tennis Academy has the right to offer the place to a person from the Waiting List. It is possible to pay the fee either in cash or via bank transfer. BTA will hand out a cash receipt or an invoice to the customer within one week following the payment, being paid in full.
British Tennis Academy does not credit customers due to sickness, injury or absence in the BTA Group Lessons. Private Tennis Lessons can be rearranged with appropriate notice given. BTA requires 48 hours to cancel individual lessons otherwise the full lesson fee is due.

Individual Lessons (Monday to Friday)

Individuals can cancel their tennis lesson and court if over 48 hours notice is given. BTA can transfer lessons to weekends to make up lost lessons subject to indoor court availability.

Individuals (Weekends)
Individuals block booked at weekends can be cancelled with 48 hours notice and no court fee or lesson fee is due. These lessons can be carried over to the next weekend.

Shared or Group Lessons (Monday to Friday)
Indoor courts cannot be cancelled as the full court fee is due and prepaid in advance. Tennis lessons can be cancelled with 48 hours notice but all players in the group or shared lessons must be unavailable. We advise that lessons go ahead as normal.

Tennis Equipment

All players must have proper tennis shoes and their own tennis rackets. The coach is able to advise on purchasing a suitable racket for the customer. The BTA can advise you on a suitable tennis equipment brand, and demo rackets can be exclusively tested during the lessons free of charge. All other tennis equipment is provided. Tennis racket restringing service is also available.

Private Tennis Lessons (Individual, Shared, Groups)

Private Tennis Lessons are lessons that are organized by individuals; there is no progression through the BTA Groups. Players can decide whether to play individually or whether they prefer to choose their tennis partner(s) to organize private shared or private group lessons. Prices for each player are higher than in the organized BTA Groups, as there are fewer players per group. For the current prices, see our pricelist. Players can substitute, if required and if all players in the private group agree.

Full term payment upfront is standard for a guaranteed court booking.

BTA Groups

The BTA Groups are organized by the British Tennis Academy. Groups are standardized; players are assessed and organized into groups of equivalent standard of play and tennis experience (not by age). The coach is responsible for moving players up a level.
BTA Groups are run with a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 4 players on one court per coach. In any BTA groups (be it junior or adult group), if a group has 3, a new player(s) after an assessment can enter the group anytime at the coach’s discretion.
Levels of progress for juniors are Red, Orange, Green, and Improvers. The BTA groups focus on coordination and skill acquisition, technique, tactics, fitness and mental training while building team spirit with games, in a fun learning environment.
Players in a group cannot get substitutes for their lessons as the place is only for the player who has been assessed. If a player cannot make a lesson for any reason – holiday, illness, etc., the lesson is lost and cannot be refunded or replaced.
In case of sickness or unforeseen situation to the coach, BTA reserves the right to credit a BTA Group lesson to the next term, if required.

Code of Conduct for Parents accompanied with Children

Parents are to keep their accompanied children seated and under a constant supervision in the in-door tennis hall, while tennis coaching is in progress. Eating is not permitted inside the hall by the management of the RS Sport Centrum.

I have read the above terms and conditions and fully understand the terms and agree to them.