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Individual Private Lessons The one-to-one lesson focuses on the individual’s specific problem areas. This is mostly geared towards refining stroke mechanics and tactics related to the technique. The focus is on singles. Lessons last between 55 and 115 minutes depending on the player.
Shared Training These are for invited players only who want to reach their potential in tennis. Players will have a full tennis programme consisting of mental, physical and tactical training. Shared training will be for players of similar skill level rather than age and will not exceed 1 to 2 coach player ratio for singles and 1 to 4 ratio for doubles. Training ratios will change depending on focus and players individual programme. Sessions last for 55 to 115 minutes. Shared training will be split into morning and afternoon sessions. Morning sessions will be themed and afternoon sessions focus on matchplay training. All players will be competing in tournaments both locally and abroad.
Fitness Basket Drills These sessions are to build speed, strength and endurance for long clay court matches. The sessions are fun and very intense. They will be on court game based exercises to instil a positive emotional state and mentally tough competitors. Sessions will last for 55 minutes.
Video Stroke Analysis Stroke analysis is an important and effective way to pin point technical breakdowns. A split screen monitor can be used to assess stroke mechanics from the touring professionals of your choice so players can visualize what is needed to be corrected. This session lasts for 115 minutes at least.
Matchplay Analysis The travelling coach will watch your match and conduct a full on court match analysis for you to discuss after the match. This is a very important part of the programme and builds the core of the individuals coaching requirements. The analysis will be on all the four performance factors. This session will last for the pre match warm up, the match, the warm down and a 30 minutes post match debrief. The debrief can be at the players preferred time either after the match or the next day. The session will be half day or full day and can be shared with other BTA players.


Fitness  Player can use our gym with the help fro our fitness trainer who will give players their individual fitness programme which will be monitored and re- evaluated every 4 to 6 weeks.

Psychology Players will be given individual training on their mental skills and have assessments from our resident sports psychologist and given appropriate training on their weaknesses.

Health and Nutritician BTA Doctor will give all players a health check prior to acceptance onto the programme. Players will also be assessed and monitored. Sports Massages are available for players on request and availablity. A healthy diet will be designed for each player and given to our chef.

Tournaments Players will be given a tournament schedule which will be based on competitions that are suitable to the individual player both locally and abroad.