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The Academy is tailored to the individual needs of the player and is aimed at the tournament player who wishes to maximize their potential.

BTA will conduct a private assessment with each player who registers for enrollment with the Academy. The assessment will last for 55 minutes with a 30 minute informal meeting to understand the players requirements and goals. BTA will put together a training package that will fit the needs of the individual and prepare them for competition.

We offer a combined package of training consisting of the four performance factors (Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental) that is European clay court specific.

BTA Academy Methodology provides players with over 20 years experience in British and Czech tennis coaching and brings out the best of the proven track records. Our training method is the best in the world bringing together what both countries do best.

BTA will direct players with their preparation and entry for tournaments, scheduling of tournament year, accompany of players to tournaments 1 to 4 coach to player ratio, travel and accommodation. BTA will give a post tournament debrief from our coach conducted match analysis with detailed areas for future development.

The individual will get 1 to 1 technical analysis with the help of split screen frame by frame video for stroke production break down of any stroke from match analysis problem areas conducted by BTA coach.

Individual Goal setting for the year will be provided upon registration with short, middle and long term goals put into our BTA player contracts with training for preparation phase, pre competition phase, competition phase agreed by both parties (and parents if required).

Players have to be accepted on to the program after initial assessment and have conditional places on continual assessment. BTA reserves the right to move players to different training partners and to refuse players to the program who do not show the right level of application.

BTA mental training is the most important part of our philosophy and is the corner stone of every players success. Players must learn how to keep their minds quiet….how to control the controllables, how to build individual rituals and routines, how to build confidence and positive self talk /self esteem. The best players are then able to fully concentrate and compete in the zone and not beat themselves.

BTA will help players define their individual playing style that suits their strengths and neutralizes their weaknesses. Players will learn individual patterns of play that focuses their mind on their match plan to exploit their opponents weaknesses.

BTA fitness trainers will help players with their general strength, speed, agility, flexibility and endurance that is tennis and non tennis specific. This will help players confidence, recovery and injury prevention whilst improving overall fitness and athleticism.